Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Easy-Access Media Control, Backlit Multicolor LED, Romer-G Mechanical Key Switches

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Easy-Access Media Control, Backlit Multicolor LED, Romer-G Mechanical Key Switches
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing keyboard! — COMPATIBLE WITH MAC! (4-21-2016), February 22, 2016


    Silvester Percival (Austin, Texas) –

    This review is from: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Easy-Access Media Control, Backlit Multicolor LED, Romer-G Mechanical Key Switches (Personal Computers)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    Let me begin by saying that his is probably the finest keyboard I have ever used in terms of aesthetics, key response, and general workmanship. I was previously using this keyboard’s younger brother, the Logitech G710+, also a mechanical keyboard I love (which saw me through four years of a PhD program, numerous papers and articles, and a 500+ page dissertation). The G810 makes some key improvements (pun intended). Below are my highlights, followed by a brief discussion of compatibility issues for Mac users who want a topnotch mechanical keyboard.

    ‘ The main departure from the G710+ is that the G810 sports a minimalist design, making it look almost like an ordinary keyboard. This means you can use it at the office without people looking at you like you’re weird. It looks more professional and adult. It’s also quite a bit smaller owing to the absence of custom keys to the left, which I never used on the G710+ anyway. See my attached photo.

    ‘ The second biggest change are the keys themselves. By now, you’ve probably read about the Romer-G Mechanical key switches, which have 25% faster key actuation and are significantly quieter than competitors. I would say this is accurate. There is definitely a big difference. In practical terms, what you’ll notice is that these keys have a shorter keystroke than most mechanical keyboards, they are MUCH quieter, and they just simply feel crisper and more response — almost like there is less rattle in the keys (notwithstanding the extraordinarily hard use my old G710+ saw). It’s icing on the cake that now my typing cannot be heard throughout the house! Daughter’s room is next door to my office, so this means I don’t have to keep my door closed at night.

    ‘ They layout and aesthetics are nice. The keyboard is hefty and a bit thicker than most (standing up higher from the desk), but overall this keyboard is very slim and streamlined compared to most clunker gaming keyboards.

    ‘ Note well: there is no USB port on the keyboard itself, as there was on the G710+. I think this is good. Basically, on the G710+, you had to use two cords (which takes up space), plug into two USBs on the computer (which takes up space), only to gain a single USB port. Much easier to keep the keyboard simple and just plug the USB drive into the computer when necessary.

    Now for compatibility issues:

    ‘ As I said in my title, this keyboard *works* with the Mac but is not YET *compatible.* What does this mean? This means that if you plug this keyboard into your Mac, it will work exactly like it’s supposed to. All the keys work. All the multimedia buttons work. You can toggle the backlighting on and off. You can play music from the keyboard. You can skip tracks. You can adjust volume. Every single key works across platforms because of the way they are programmed, and Macs are designed to work with this standard programming.

    ‘ So what do I mean it’s not “compatible”? I mean that Logitech has not yet released software specifically for this Keyboard that makes it compatible with the Mac. In other words, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE BACKLIGHTING, AND YOU CANNOT CUSTOMIZE KEYS FOR GAMING. Everything else works the same.

    ‘ Why do I think you should buy it for your Mac anyway? First, because it’s a great keyboard and everything works as expected for normal use. Second, because I think Logitech will release Mac compatibility updates in due course. This happened with the G710+. I was one of the first people to get a G710+, again (like this time) as an advance user test and review. When I first received it, the G710+ was not Mac compatible — there was no software for Mac, and I could not customize keys. But, within several months, Logitech released an update for Mac compatibility, I was able to customize keys, and basically I gained full compatibility with the keyboard as if I was using a PC. I suspect the exact same thing will happen with this keyboard and that Mac users will find before long that it’s fully compatible.

    In sum, this is a fantastic keyboard in every way, without a doubt the best I have ever used. I highly recommend it and hold out hope that a Mac update will be released before long. Happy typing!

    UPDATE (4-21-2016): Today I received an automated update from Logitech that makes this keyboard FULLY COMPATIBLE with the Mac 10.11.4 OS. Well done, Logitech! I had already given 5 stars, but this solidifies it. Amazing keyboard, now fully compatible across multiple operating systems.

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    G810 vs G610 Red vs Brown, May 1, 2016


    Kiyo M.

    This review is from: Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Personal Computers)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    – Get the Red if you’re looking for speed and don’t mind a “mushy” feeling; typing on this feels like you’re on a trampoline for your fingers where it “bounces” than getting that solid tactile bump feedback every time.
    – Get the Brown if you like that light typewriting feedback
    – Get the G810 Logitech Romer-G if you prefer more of a stiffer feedback (solid spacebar) and want RGB lighting

    So the layout for the G610 is exactly the same as the G810, except it lacks the RGB color lighting (it’s just plain white) and it uses a different switch for the keys.

    This G610 is available in Brown and Red switches.

    If you’re unfamiliar with mechanical keyboards, there are different types of switches that they use that provide different feedback response/sound etc, and what the most popular types are referred to them as MX Red, Brown, Blue switches.

    Logitech actually created their own type of switches called the Romer-G, where it provides that mechanical feedback but keeping the noise more at a minimum. Some people like it, some people don’t. (For me, I like it on the G910) So Logitech seems to be giving us more options…

    The G810 (with the RGB light) uses Logitech’s Romer-G switches. Surprisingly, Logitech ended up releasing this G610 keeping the same exact clean minimalist layout as the G810, but now gave options to having MX Red and Brown switches on them.

    If you really like that clicky noisey typewriter-like feedback feeling, then you’ll want to go with the Blue switches (G710) – what I believe to be a true mechanical satisfying feeling, BUT it is NOISY.

    The Brown switches will be less noisier. With the G810 (Logitech G-Romer switches), it is much quieter but there is a spring-like feeling to them. There is no cheap spring feeling with the Brown switches. I find the brown switches to have quicker response time and a more of a breeze to type and release.

    The G810 has a solid spacebar that’s consistent with the rest of the keys, whereas the spacebar on these G610 feels a lot lighter (perhaps cheaper) than the rest of the keys.

    The Red switches are a significant different feeling experience where it’s made for speed because it responds without having to press the switch all the way down for a “click” feeling; it has a mushy feeling, so if you’re not a fan of that, it may not be for you. The way I would describe is it feels like a being on a trampoline for your fingers, as it feels like a rubber band mushy bouncing feeling.

    If you really that tactile typewriting feeling, then go with the Brown. The Blue switches on G710 is the loudest, but very satisfying if you desire a typewriting feeling.

    Everyone has different needs and preferences, so there is no “BEST keyboard”. It all depends on what you’re looking for; if lighting and aesthetics is your main priority, or if you don’t care about noise and just want that satisfying clicky feeling, etc. If you want a mechanical keyboard but can’t stand the noise, then you’ll want to go for Logitech’s G-nomer switches like on the G910 or G810. If you want a clean minimalist keyboard, then your choices are the G810 or G610.

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Definitely not your typical keyboard and might end up way more useful than you may expect, May 22, 2016


    Daviangel (Monterey CA) –

    This review is from: Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Personal Computers)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    First impression I got of this keyboard was of the keyboard of the old Apple II if anyone remembers though. Tough, heavy, noisy, built like a tank and feel like they will last forever or at least the lettering will wear off before it stops working!

    To be honest not really a great first impression for a $100 keyboard especially since I’m sure there are other keyboards that are as rugged and solidly built that will also last forever.

    The more I used it though the more I started to like it and understood what really makes this keyboard way more expensive than your standard keyboard and so expensive.

    It’s really the software. The Logitech software makes it almost infinitely customizable and you can assign keys however you want and in ways you never imagined! The Arx Control software that runs on iOS or Android is awesome too and basically let’s you use this keyboard in ways I never even thought possible. For example, you can not only monitor your PC’s CPU temp, RAM usage but also GPU temps. There has been so many times I’ve been playing a game or some other intensive PC task and didn’t want to exit or switch from just to check on my temps. This is just so awesome for gamers and others that like to overclock their rigs! But that’s not all you can also use it to play back video, change audio levels, or even launch games instead of even having to set hands on the keyboard. So basically, you can use this as a remote from across the room.

    Other good things I noticed and made me like this more and more over time and get over the noise:
    braided and long cord
    heavy keyboard need to use both hands to pick up so don’t have to worry about it moving during gameplay. Also has padded bottom for slippery surfaces.
    lighted keyboard that can be customized the way you want it. We know Apple has nice backlight keyboards but do they let you only light up certain keys like the one’s you use most often in games so makes it easy to get playing a game in the dark.
    26-key rollover is one of the major things that really differentiate a high end keyboard from your average keyboard. The problem with your average keyboard is that some keyboard keys don’t work when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. This can be a major problem with games that require you to press 3 or more keys at once since cheap keyboards won’t catch them all and thus what you thought your were pressing on keyboard is not what you expect.

    Other than the noise the only bad thing and the reason I took off a star is that I noticed that a couple of times over the last couple of weeks I used it when I start typing really quick it seems to take a second to respond like the keyboard buffer is full or can’t keep up. Most people probably won’t notice this but I type pretty fast and notice small thing like that. So probably not the best keyboard for fast touch typist as myself but then again this is geared more for gaming. Finally, some of the typical symbols like currency and others on number keys are at the bottom instead of top as most keyboards, due to way LED on keys are at top, so that threw me off a bit when first using it but since like I said I know how to touch type not a biggie.

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